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Vale – Joke Meyer

We were sad to learn of the recent death in Mackay, Queensland of Joke Meyer. She was a much valued member of Tamworth Birdwatchers, who served on our committee for many years. This only ceased when Joke and husband Bob, moved to Mackay to be nearer their daughter.

Joke actively served on our committee from 2000 until 2006. She was Publicity Officer in 2000 and 2001. She also served as Vice President in 2001. Then she became President in 2002, a position she held until 2005. She will be remembered as a strong, dedicated and active leader. Her final position before leaving was as Conservation Officer during 2006

Although Bob was not involved with the Birdwatchers, Joke and Bob were both ardent conservationists. They lived off grid on a wooded block on Daruka Rd and many members would have fond memories of sitting on their verandah watching birds coming to their birdbath. Bob had set up the bird bath in a large tree at their back verandah. It was drip fed from an attached hose. Joke would invite us to come and do some lazy birdwatching and we all sat on the verandah waiting for the lovely variety of birds that came in daily to drink and bathe.

The Meyers migrated from Holland in 1966 with their two children. When they came to live in Tamworth, they purchased the Daruka Rd bush block and together built a log cabin for themselves. The family lived in a caravan and annexe while they were building. Things were pretty hard in those early days and the only means of cooking was on a little kerosene stove that Joke had found on a street stall. It is now on display at Calala Cottage. Only the cheaper cuts of meat were used, for they required very slow cooking and this could take place whilst Joke and Bob were building their home.

Joke was greatly missed by us birdwatchers when she moved to Queensland, however she maintained her interest in, and membership of TBW up until her death and returned to Tamworth for our 20th birthday celebrations in 2018.   

Watts Memorial unveiled at Barraba

  • Russ Watts "the Birdman of Barraba" and wife Jenny were honoured posthumously with the unveiling of a memorial in the riverside park at Barraba NSW on October 18th 2021.    Together with Barraba Shire Council, the Watts recognised the future potential of ecotourism and developed the Bird Routes of Barraba Shire.   This idea has since been taken up by various regions across Australia and has been instrumental in promoting both tourism and the conservation of birds and their habitats.   In particular it has helped to show the value of travelling stock routes.

Photos:      Above        Russ Watts  in 2018  photographed at the 20th birthday celebrations of Tamworth Birdwatchers.   Russ and Jenny were active members of our club for many years  and we have continued their work in promoting  bird routes within Tamworth Regional Council

                           Below left     The memorial plaque              Below right    Mayor of Tamworth Regional Council , Col Murray and    President of the Tamworth Birdwatchers  Inc. , Jean Coady    having just unveiled the  memorial

Saturday Outings

These are held on the last Saturday of each month.     Please confirm your attendance with the delegated Leader  (See Activities page). We usually meet at the car park behind the Tamworth Community Centre in Darling St, but please check with the leader as we sometimes change this.   We leave at 8.00am or 9.00am depending on destination and time of year.  Bring morning tea, lunch, folding chair, notebook and pencil, hat and binoculars.   You must prebook with the leader.   (See Activities page)

For further information, please contact any of the people listed at the top of this page.

Tamworth Birdwatchers and other invited guests at the unveiling of the Watts memorial at Barraba

TUESDAY MORNING BIRDWATCHING.   check meeting place and time with leader.   

The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month February to November. We usually meet at the car park behind the Tamworth Community Centre in Darling St, at 9am (8am during the hotter months) but you must prebook with the leader.   You will be told then if the meeting place or time has been changed.  Contact the leader, if known, otherwise Joan Dunne Phone 6762 4553. These are great mornings and all members are welcome.


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