Crimson Rosella - photo Bob Faulkner


Jan 4   Cancelled due to bushfire threats and extteme heat

Annual Outing to Sheba Dams



Social Meeting The first for the year

Feb 29 Saturday Outing, possibly to Dumaresq Dam, Armidale

Australian King Parrot - Photo Bob Faulkner


August/September/October Sightings

October/November Sightings

Oct 2 Olive-backed Oriole at Calala, Jan Hosking

Oct 5 Grey Fantail at Calala, Jan Hosking

Oct 6 Spotted Bowerbird at Kelvin who saw it?

Oct 9 Glossy Ibis, 12, 13km north of Coonabarabran, John Fearnley

Oct 19 Dollarbird at Woolomin, Joan Dunne, first for season

Oct Mistletoebird and Rufous Whistler at Calala, Jan Hosking

Oct Superb Lyrebird at Dungowan Dam Road, Ian Samson

Oct Scarlet and Flame Robins at Forest Way, Nundle, Ian Samson

Oct White-naped Honeyeater at Sheba Dam, Denise Kane,

Oct Painted Honeyeater at Rangari, Denise Kane

Oct Ground Cuckoo-shrike and Red Wattlebird and young at Calala, Patrick Long

Nov 3 Sunday 3/11/2019 – Armidale birdwatchers arrived at Dumaresq Dam picnic area (about 8:30am) at the same time as a flock of Apostlebirds. This is a first record of this species for the area. Note that the outing produced a total of 54 species seen thanks to the water (though low) at the dam.

Budgerigars - Photo: Denise Kane