Crimson Rosella - photo Bob Faulkner



There are no proposed outings at the current time, however they will resume when social distancing is relaxed.

Australian King Parrot - Photo Bob Faulkner


May/June Sightings

  • May 12 Blue-faced Honeyeater at East Tamworth, first for this site, John Homewood

    May 19 Peregrine Falcon pair circling over Kingswood, Tamworth, Euan Leckie

    May 24 Grey Fantail in East Tamworth, first time at this site, Lyn Allen

    May 30 Black-shouldered Kite at Dungowan, first for ages, Joan Dunne

    May 30 New Holland Honeyeater at Thorntons Road, Dungowan, Joan Dunne

    May 30 Blue-faced Honeyeater 6 at “Ravensfield” Appleby Lane, Tamworth, first at this site, Eric Fair

    May 31 Wedge-tailed Eagle over East Tamworth, Lyn Allen

    May 26 Eastern Spinebill, 3 together at Back Kootingal Road, Bruce Terrill

    May Glossy Black-Cockatoos around Armidale area and over city in last few weeks, Shirley Cook

    Jun 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Mullibar Lagoon, Gunnedah, Louise Baker

    Jun 1 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, 3 at Calala Betty Reed

    Jun 1 Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, 6 together at Back Kootingal Road, Bruce Terrill

    Jun 4 Glossy Black-Cockatoo, 2 at Peel River Oxley Vale, Tamworth, Annabel Ashworth. Saw another pair near the Bridge in Bridge St the following day

    Jun 7 Red-winged Parrot 5 flew over Dunoon Road, Moore Creek, Jean Coady

    Jun 8 Rufous Songlark at Moore Creek, been there since May 28, Denise Kane

    Jun Plum-headed Finch, Black-fronted Dotterel, Diamond Firetail at Balintines Bridge, Limbri, Joan Dunne

    Jun Diamond Firetail with Young and White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike at Limbri Camp Area, Joan Dunne

    Jun Red-capped Robin pair and Striped Honeyeater at Spring Creek, Limbri, Joan Dunne

    I haven’t seen anything really exciting this month, other than the Glossy Black-Cockatoos yesterday! However I did manage to get some photos of the two Striated Pardalotes that have been visiting, along with photos of the Yellow-rumped Thornbills. Both these birds have been around for some time, along with my Zebra Finches, which have had yet another lot of babies recently – I will also send a photo of one of the young ones last week, still with his grey beak. The last lot of fledglings about a month ago got their orange beaks within about a week, so we’ll see what happens with these ones. The only other one I’m happy to see was a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater that comes and goes – usually when the Brown Honeyeater chases it off! I have also had a Rufous Whistler visit.

    Striated Pardalote Yellow-rumped Thornbill

    Zebra Finch juvenile Striated Pardalote

    Glossy Black-Cockatoos seen in Tamworth

    By Annabel Ashworth

    On Thursday June 4th I was watching some parrots bathing in the Peel River at Oxley Vale when I saw a pair of black cockatoos. They were with a group of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos initially, but then separated and flew right over my head. To my surprise I saw a bright red tail panel and although it was a quick view, I identified them as Glossy Black-Cockatoos.

    The following day, I was walking along the Peel River near the CBD. Just after I walked under the main highway bridge on the south side of the river, I found two Glossy Black-Cockatoos feeding in a she-oak there and was able to take some photos. The birds remained where they were, and I watched them for at least 40 minutes. I tried to ring other TBW members and Jan Hosking came down to see them. Jan tells us she took 

    As far as we know, this is the first recorded sighting in Tamworth.

    Ibis Having Fun

    Today, June 8 2020 I saw about 20 or 30 Straw-necked Ibis flying reasonably high then diving down to about tree height with their wings set in the glide position then having done this once they went up and did it again. I heard the swishing noise first and looked and saw them. The swishing noise wasn’t as loud as when the cormorants do it and they weren’t as fast as the cormorants.

    Eric Fair

Budgerigars - Photo: Denise Kane