Crimson Rosella - photo Bob Faulkner

Covid-19 and TBW Outings (V170920)

• It is the aim of the TBW Committee to run TBW Outings in a Covid Safe Way.

• This is in addition to the normal safety rules.

Motion passed at Committee Meeting (28/8/20):-

“While there are Covid restrictions the leader of each outing will be responsible for checking the current Covid restrictions on the NSW Website.

The leader will advise participants of the restrictions at the start of the outing.”

Please note:

• It is the responsibility of each participant to follow the Leader(s)’ instructions.

Members & guests agree to this understanding when they sign on.

• The Leaders are volunteers and need your support, especially during this difficult time.

• Pre-booking is essential. Contact the Leader to book your place


We have resumed our Tuesday morning bird walks on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

The contact person is Joan Dunne Phone 6762 4553


Apr 24 Saturday Outing, Chaffey’s property at Somerton leader Jean Coady,0428 295 511

May 29 Saturday Outing

For further in formation please contact the President on 0428295811

Australian King Parrot - Photo Bob Faulkner


February/March Sightings

Feb 18 Buff-banded Rail, 4 at Goonoo Goonoo Creek, Tamworth, John Homewood

Feb 16 Rainbow Bee-eater x 3, Blue-billed Duck x 2, Hoary-headed Grebe x12, Tree Martin x50+ at Quipolly Dam, Jan Hosking

Mar 6 Brown Goshawk at Wollomin Reserve, Joan Dunne and Terri Mower

Mar 9 Speckled Warbler at “Windfall” Namoi River Road, NE of Manilla.    Annabel Ashworth

Very Unusual Sighting

Stopping at the Peel River Bridge at the top end of Chaffey Dam when cycling this morning 2 March 2021, I heard an unfamiliar bird call as I took a photo of the scenery. I am pretty sure it was a Pied Oyster catcher, noting as it flew past the distinctive red legs and beak with black and white body. I think there is a pair of them at the bottom (north) end of the large pool underneath the bridge, just as the water starts to flow through scattered rocks.

Cheers, Gordon Garradd

N.B. TBW members travelled out to the bridge after receiving this report, but were unable to confirm this sighting.

This white Sparrow was photographed at Quirindi by Jan Cameron

Budgerigars - Photo: Denise Kane


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