Crimson Rosella - photo Bob Faulkner

Covid-19 and TBW Outings (V170920)

• It is the aim of the TBW Committee to run TBW Outings in a Covid Safe Way.

• This is in addition to the normal safety rules.

Motion passed at Committee Meeting (28/8/20):-

“While there are Covid restrictions the leader of each outing will be responsible for checking the current Covid restrictions on the NSW Website.

The leader will advise participants of the restrictions at the start of the outing.”

Please note:

• It is the responsibility of each participant to follow the Leader(s)’ instructions.

Members & guests agree to this understanding when they sign on.

• The Leaders are volunteers and need your support, especially during this difficult time.

• Pre-booking is essential. Contact the Leader to book your place


We have resumed our Tuesday morning bird walks on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

The contact person is Joan Dunne Phone 6762 4553


Feb 25 NO Social Meeting

Feb 27 Saturday Outing to ”Springcart” Weabonga, Leader Denise Kane, 6760 8356

Mar 27 Saturday Outing   – Victoria Park Precinct (BG, MP, KT) + AGM (to be confirmed)

Apr 24 Saturday Outing

For further in formation please contact the Acting President on 0428295811

Australian King Parrot - Photo Bob Faulkner



November/February Sightings

Nov 12 Singing Honeyeaters, 2 in back yard in Gunnedah, first time at this site, Frances Bigge

Dec 19 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, 3 at North Tamworth, Lynne Gilks per Annabel Ashworth

Dec 30 Magpie Goose on farm at bottom end of Terry ? Street Tamworth, John Homewood

Jan 1 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, 15 flying over Peel River Tamworth, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 11 Red-browed Treecreeper, Spotted Quail-thrush, Eastern Whipbird, Cicadabird and Rose Robin at Curracabundi NP, Jan Hosking

Jan 15 Plum-headed Finch, and White-browed Woodswallow at Catong Gully, Top Somerton Road, Jan Hosking

Jan 16 Common Bronzewing pair at Dunoon Rd, Moore Creek, Jean Coady

Jan 16 Scarlet Honeyeater at Thornton’s Lane?, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 17 Brown Goshawk 2 at Woolomin, adult in tree by bridge and juvenile calling a nearby tree, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 17 Azure Kingfisher at Dungowan Sports Ground, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 21 Little Grassbird and Blue-billed Duck at Dangars Lagoon, Joan Dunne and Terri Mower

Jan 21 White-eared Honey Eater at Wooldridge Fossicking Area, Joan Dunne and Terri Mower

Jan 23 Australasian Figbird male on Peel River just below bridge, David Godden

Jan 23 Southern Boobook 2 juveniles at “Minosa” Rockvale Road, Armidale, Jan Hosking

Jan 25 Australasian Figbird female on Peel River just below bridge, David Godden

Jan 25 Azure Kingfisher and Nankeen Night Heron at Ravensfield Appleby Lane, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 30 Fuscous Honeyeater at Acacia Drive Oxley Vale, first time recorded, Annabel Ashworth

Jan 31 Rufous Whistler, 2 juveniles at Gordon St Calala, Jan Hosking

Jan 31 Diamond Firetail on Peel River just below bridge, David Godden

Jan 31 Purple-backed Fairy-wren at “Ravensfield” Appleby Lane, Eric Fair

Feb 4 Torresian Crow at Calala, Jan Hosking

James Ardill’s Sightings

Jan 12, on Highway at Kootingal, 3 or 4 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos flying north

Jan 14, at Oxley Vale near Wright Street – up to 6 Blue-faced Honeyeaters some young ones

Jan 17, at Ardill’s Pine Street, Kootingal, pair of Blue-faced Honeyeater with 4 fledglings seemingly heading where?

Jan 18, on Burgess Lane Calala – 2 Brown Quail having quiet walk on edge of road, pair King-Parrots flying north

Several times in January, Spotted Harrier low flying over Liberty and surrounding paddocks, Superb Fairy-wrens and Zebra Finches

Several times in January at Ardill’s Kootingal groups of 4 to 6 Musk Lorikeets flying between food trees, along with plenty of Rainbow Lorikeets

At Ardill’s, Kootingal, selection of White-plumed Honeyeaters, Red Wattlebird, Black-faced Cuckoo shrikes, one Australasian Figbird (male),at NE Highway at Nemingha near Tintinhull crossing – one Wedge-tailed Eagle low flying towards hills

Jan 20 & 21, Peregrine Falcon, Brown Goshawk, Pied Butcherbird and White-necked Heron on Back Kootingal Road near Nemingha

Jan 30, Red-winged Parrot at Kootingal

Jan 31, Yellow-faced Honeyeater at Kootingal

Feb 1, Zebra Finch, 15 at Kootingal.

James Ardill

Budgerigars - Photo: Denise Kane


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